Mission Statement

My mission is to create a skateboard company that embodies everything I love and value about skateboarding. That speaks to a global community of enthusiasts and promotes skateboarding as a positive activity, philosophy, and lifestyle that inspires physical, mental, and spiritual self-improvement.



— Born in Edison, New Jersey, on June 29, 1970

— Started skating September 1984, saw Black Flag play a month later at City Gardens in Trenton, New Jersey

— Sponsored by Powell Peralta in June 1986, won the NSA National Amateur Street Style Championships in July 1986, featured on the cover of Thrasher Magazine in August 1986

— Went pro for Powell Peralta in 1987

— Iconic Elephant pro model and Public Domain video released in 1988

— Helped form World Industries with Steve Rocco, Rodney Mullen and Jesse Martinez in 1989

— Barnyard board, artist Marc McKee’s first ever skateboard graphic, released in 1989

— Won the 1st Annual Tampa Pro Street Contest in April 1995

— Formed his first band, Mike V and the Rats, with guitarist Jason Hampton in 2002

— Performed as a guest vocalist for Black Flag reunion at the Hollywood Palladium in September 2003

— Produced, Wrote and Starred in television series Drive, which aired for three seasons on FUEL TV starting in 2005

— Started the band Revolution Mother with Jason Hampton in 2005

— Formed the band Good For You with Greg Ginn in 2013

— Became Black Flag’s fifth vocalist in 2014 and performed 60 shows with the legendary punk band

— From his garage in Long Beach, California, created Street Plant Brand with his family in 2015, won the X Games Real Street Contest Fan Favorite

— Launched Father Daughter Podcast with daughter Lucy.