Broken Foot (2001)

March, 26 2001

This video documents a stop on an Etnies Tour that was filmed for BlueTorch TV back in 2001. Two days after cracking my eyebrow open at Eisenberg’s in Plano, TX — — I was at it again at Southside Skatepark in Houston, TX. The fall featured in this video was diagnosed as a Lisfranc Fracture and is considered a very significant foot injury. After an MRI, my prognosis was a cast for six weeks, then surgery that would include a screw being inserted into my mid-foot, then more surgery two months later to remove the screw, and then more casting. The doctor told me that all in all I wouldn’t be able to bear weight on my foot for at least 24 weeks and that my skate career was in no uncertain terms —Over. I laughed and said, but I’m going on the Tony Hawk Gigantic Skatepark Tour in 8 weeks and I have to film my Black Label “Label Kills” video part in that window of time too. He then laughed at me — No Way. That’s when I cried. He then put a cast on my foot and began discussing the scheduling of surgery. Three days later, I went out into the garage and I cut the cast off. I bought a stationary bike and rode that thing endlessly. My foot didn’t hurt if I kept it flat and didn’t flex it. So, I kept it flat and tried to stay in shape for the upcoming tour. On May 17 and 18 I filmed my Black Label video part after not skating for fifty days. Three days later I was on a plane to join the Tony Hawk Gigantic Skatepark Tour in Texas, and I did some of the best, most inspired skating of my career on that tour. The foot hurt but I was in a certain season of my life that I wasn’t ready to bow out of and I don’t regret my decisions. I never went back to the doctor. Today, the foot causes me some daily pain and discomfort but I deal with it. Being for TV, this video is pretty cringe worthy as such things go, but I can’t help but laugh at that high five bro hug attempt that I left hanging at the end. Oh man.

— Mike V