Bruce Lee Podcast

In this episode Shannon and Sharon were joined on the podcast by special guest Mike Vallely. Mike Vallely is a professional skateboarder, owner of Street Plant, musician, actor, tv personality, stuntman, professional wrestler, and FHL hockey player. Mike shares with us his philosophy on skating, how he first encountered Bruce Lee at flea markets, what it was like growing up as a skater in 1980s New Jersey, and how he first started his family-run company Street Plant. Mike Vallely became obsessed with skateboarding when he was 14. He began skating by borrowing friends’ boards, but finally got his own board for Christmas that year. From there he skated obsessively, even sneaking out at night to go skating. By 1986, Mike had an amateur sponsorship deal with Powell-Peralta Skateboards and his picture was in skateboard magazine Thrasher. After winning the amateur division in the 1986 “Street Attack” contest in Oceanside, CA, Mike Vallely was featured in a full-page spread in Transworld Skateboarding’s September issue. Mike Vallely became a professional skater in May 1987 at age 16. Since becoming a professional skateboarder, Mike Vallely rode for many different skate companies and started many of his own companies. He also played in different bands over the years, most recently performing as Black Flag’s lead singer. In 2010, Mike Vallely joined the Federal Hockey League as a professional hockey player. It was in 2015 when Mike started Street Plant with his family. Much of Mike Valley’s philosophy on skateboarding is aligned with Bruce Lee’s philosophy on martial arts. Both felt a need to portray their craft in a positive light and help others understand it better. It is this alignment of philosophies that led to collaboration between Street Plant and the Bruce Lee Family Company. Street Plant and the Bruce Lee Family Company teamed up to create a few different skateboard designs, and they’re now available online at