DRIVE starring Mike Vallely: Unsung Heroes (2004)

DRIVE starring Mike Vallely: Unsung Heroes (2004)
Season One | Episode Four

Mike Vallely reflects on the people he has met through skateboarding and visits three individuals who inspire him to keep going, Jon Comer (R.I.P.), a professional skateboarder who lost his leg in a childhood accident, Mike Rogers, who overcame cancer and has dedicated his life to being a role model in Southern Florida’s skate scene, and Ryon Rommel (R.I.P.), who was first featured in the film DRIVE and continues his battle with Leukemia.

Based on the award-winning documentary film, DRIVE (notes from the wilderness) goes on the road with professional skateboarder Mike Vallely as he travels the world exploring the people, places, and issues defining skateboarding and youth culture today. DRIVE blends action with information, empowering, and inspiring its viewers to be active and compassionate and to pursue their talents and life dreams.

Production Company: Build Worldwide
Created and Directed by Mark Jeremias