Edison Skate Jam (1985)

The Edison Skate Jam took place in the Lindeneau School parking lot in Edison, NJ in the early spring of ’85. At that time, video cameras were rare but Pete Russo with Team Unnecessary Risk had one, and this was some of the very first footage taken of me skating that I am aware of.

By this time I had already skated through the Jeff Phillips board I had received on Christmas Morning of ’84. In this video I can be seen skating other people’s boards… A Tom Groholski “Jersey Devil” and someone’s Uncle Wiggly. Throughout the spring of ’85 I was always without a board of my own (I wouldn’t get my next board until my birthday in late June) so when I did get a chance to ride someone else’s board, I maximized that opportunity and never stopped moving / skating until they requested their board back. Then I would sit around and wait for the next board to open up. But not everyone was so willing to let me ride and put wear and tear on their boards. A lot of the time I had to beg my way on to other people’s boards, it sucked but it really made me appreciate every second of skating that I could get.

This video also features clips of Mike Daher and Rodney Smith as well as Mike’s brother George and Edison locals: Joe Wertz, Gary Ludwig, Kevin Hartel, Pete Russo, Pete Brady and Dave Haines. The kneepads and sweatpants? No comment.

— Mike V