LBC By Bike 002: Frank House

Long Beach by Bike 002: Frank House
82 Rivo Alta Canal
Built: 1962

I have yet to be enlightened to any better use of all of this concrete than Skateboarding. Perhaps the world was paved over for the automobile, but it’s the Skateboard that has brought beauty and meaning to this concrete desert, breathing life into this dead space. As a car owner, I will have to keep my mouth shut, but as a bike rider, I must say, there is no better way to traverse this cold and impersonal terrain than pedal power. Well, those are my first thoughts anyway as my daughter @lucy_vallely and I enter onto the LA River Bicycle Path.

It’s nice to have a companion on one of my rides for once, especially that companion being Lucy, who hasn’t had much desire to ride since being sideswiped by a drunk driver while biking on 2nd Street some five years ago. Who could blame her? But today she has decided to join me, as we will both begin traveling away from home again starting tomorrow — The holidays are over, and we will be seeing much less of each other for the next several months, but today is ours.

Riding through Bixby Knolls on New Year’s Day, the streets are quiet; the mid-afternoon sun touches down handsomely through the trees and onto the lawns and homes. It’s a pleasant ride through a picture-perfect neighborhood. Some other time, I’d like to ride up and down all these lanes, but today we are just passing through.

From one upscale Long Beach neighborhood to the next, we ride, arriving at our destination on Rivo Alta Canal in the Naples section of Long Beach an hour and a half later. The Frank House, with its ascending steppingstones, moated terrace, and 17-foot-high entrance, has long been a favorite of ours, and so we chose it for today’s target landmark.

After eating some Trader Joe’s Organic Turkish Dried Figs, we are back on our bicycles and heading down the coast, out of Long Beach. Our next stop is Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve in Huntington Beach, a further 45-minute ride, where we will rendezvous with @annvallely (wife and mother respectively) for a sunset hike.

Date: 01/01/20
Total Mileage: 20.89