LBC By Bike 006: Art Theatre

Long Beach by Bike 006: Art Theatre
2025 E. 4th St.
Built: 1924

As I pedal into the wind, I think maybe this isn’t such a good idea. But I’m always reminded of the John Muir quote, one that I have lived over and over and know to be true, whether applied to a hike, a run, a bike ride, or anytime I step on my Skateboard: ”In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.” I know if I keep pedaling, I’ll get somewhere beyond whatever destination I have in mind, wind or no wind, it’s always about the doing.

With the closing of trails and beaches, fewer people are out and about than when I took my last ride. The Morrissey song “Every Day Is Like Sunday” seems apropos, not just because today is Sunday, but because every day these days feels like a Sunday.

Pedaling along the shore, I come to a wooden A-Frame traffic barrier on the trail, indicating the closure of the bike path. I get it, no one should drive down here, park their car and congregate on the beach, but from a utilitarian viewpoint, this is still a transportation corridor, and riding here is safer than being on the surface streets, and so I ride on.

From the beach, I ride up to 4th St. to today’s destination: the Art Theatre. Constructed in the 20s, with redesigns in the 30s and late 40s, the Art Theatre is the last remaining neighborhood movie theatre in Long Beach. I’ve seen a few films here, as well as premiered my film with Etnies Shoes, “Sponsored” here in 2000.

After I snap a few pics, I’m back on my bike. As I ride back along the beach, I come upon cop cars parked on and blocking the path. Certain of my purpose for using the trail, I ride past them and on into the golden light of the early evening, totally worth it.

Date: 03/29/20
Total Mileage: 26.0