LBC By Bike 008: Henry Clock House

Long Beach by Bike 008: Henry Clock House
4242 Pine Ae
Built: 1933

Poems, songs, and stories fill my head as I roll west on Del Amo Blvd. My thoughts bounce around between scenes in movies, vivid dreams, words I’ve read or have yet to write, and melodies, so many melodies. I can’t process the news of the day; I can’t make sense of what I’m seeing, hearing, or feeling in any other way than in some form of song or poem. And as active as my brain is, I am at peace, meditative even, as I pedal along.

Today, I’m heading back to Virginia Country Club, to the Henry Clock House. Almost everyone I see out on the streets now is wearing a mask of some sort. People considerately keep their distance from each other, and to me, there’s optimism in their thoughtfulness and sensitivity. A nod and a smile go a long way; they always have, but more so now than ever. Day-to-day integrity is what matters. I’ll hold onto that. That’s the trend I’ll follow. That’s the news I report back to myself.

Henry Clock was an attorney and noted Long Beach resident. The two-story “Monterey Revival” style house built for him in 1933 sprawls across an impressive triangular-shaped lot. I circle the three approachable sides a few times, truly taken by the property as a whole. I snap a few photos then continue to cycle on through the neighborhood.

On my ride back, another bicyclist rolls up alongside me at a traffic light, and I hear Jerry Garcia’s soulful voice from a speaker attached to his bike. I look down and see a Grateful Dead water bottle attached to his frame. Looking over, I bop my head along to the Garcia Band tune, but I can’t get the rider’s attention. The light changes, and he’s off. I send him good vibes for the rest of his ride, keep on truckin’ my friend. Good energy doesn’t need reciprocation; putting it out there is what matters.

Date: 04/04/20
Total Mileage: 7.5