LBC By Bike 009: Spruce Goose Dome

Long Beach by Bike 009: Spruce Goose Dome
231 Windsor Way
Built: 1982

The dome structure built for, and what once housed Howard Hughes’ Hercules (H-4) Flying Boat, the “Spruce Goose,” is now a terminal for cruises leaving Long Beach. Regardless, I and probably every other Long Beach resident, still call it the Spruce Goose Dome, it just sounds more glamorous than the Long Beach Cruise Terminal.

Riding into the port, the parking lots surrounding the Queen Mary and the dome are eerily empty and quiet. The only people I see are masked security guards at different stations, watching me pedal along.

I take a few photos of the dome, and circle around the deserted landscape. Looking across the mouth of the LA River at Downtown Long Beach, there’s no evident hustle and bustle, no discernible industry. I’m viewing a city at rest. The uniqueness of this moment in time is not lost on me; I pause and soak it in.

Date: 04/16/20
Total Mileage: 22.8