LBC By Bike 010: Killingsworth, Brady & Smith Office Building

Long Beach by Bike 010: Killingsworth, Brady & Smith Office Building
3827 Long Beach Blvd.
Built: 1955

I pedal along the boulevard, almost passing my destination for the day, the architectural office building originally known as the Killingsworth, Brady & Smith Office Building. Unassuming from the busy street, the property comes to life, like a hidden oasis in a sea of concrete and asphalt, as I park my bike on the sidewalk to drink it in.

Representing the first mid-century commercial structure in Long Beach, posts, beams, glass panels, solid shear walls, stepping-stones, and a reflecting pool combine with lush plants and trees to create an open, simple, and harmonious indoor and outdoor space. To this day, the property remains the home of architects, and one could see where this would be an inspiring place to work and create.

I snap a few pics, then ride through the adjacent neighborhoods, up and down tree-lined streets, before circling back around for another look. It’s good to be outside, to be riding.

Date: 05/14/20
Total Mileage: 10.0