LBC By Bike 011: The Skinny House

Long Beach by Bike 011: The Skinny House
708 Gladys Ave.
Built: 1932

After finishing early in the garage, Luis and I got on our bikes and started pedaling towards the Long Beach curiosity: The Skinny House. Located in the Rose Park neighborhood of Long Beach and compressed onto a 10-by-50-foot residential lot, The Skinny House is not only said to be the skinniest house in California but in all of America.

It’s always nice having someone to ride with, and somehow this was only the first time Luis and I had the opportunity to ride together, but I’m sure it will not be the last. As we rode down Clark Avenue, the late afternoon sun warmed our skin and shimmered on the unfolding asphalt.

I let Luis navigate the ride until, not being a Long Beach local, he tried to get us to ride through the Alamitos Traffic Circle. Urban legends aside, I tell Luis, it’s too dangerous, and I’m not riding through there, and I took over the navigating at that point.

Challenged by friends who didn’t believe a habitable home could exist on such an unusual sized lot, The Skinny House was built by Newton P. Rummond in 1932. With a tree blocking the front of the home, and cars parked in front of it, it’s difficult to get perspective and challenging to capture a photograph of the slender three-story structure in a way that communicates its novelty. We do our best before getting back on our bikes and riding back to the garage.

Date: 05/26/20
Total Mileage: 12.22