LBC By Ruck 001: Signal Hill

Inspired by Neal Peart, I ask myself: What is the most excellent thing I can do on this Sunday? —Suburban Hiking is the answer.

First, unplug: No social media, no email, no TV, the phone today is just a camera. Second, pack up my Go Ruck Rucker rucksack w/ 30lb ruck plate, and a few snacks. Third, ask Lucy Vallely to join me—she said yes, Hurray! Fourth, hit the pavement, Let’s Go!

It’s been many years since I’ve Rucked. Walking down my street, I could immediately feel it in my legs and shoulders, and it felt good. We have a destination: Signal Hill, but we’ll focus on the pavement unfolding in front of us, one step at a time, and our Togetherness.

The conversation moves from Yoga to the Solar System, from an Athletic Approach to Living to Spirituality, from Montaigne to Bruce Lee, from Carl Sagan to the music of Rush; a smile widens across my face, contentment illuminates my soul.

We plod along, down Lakewood Blvd, past the airport, under the runway, under the freeway. Up and over Signal Hill, and then back up and over it again, we go. Across to Clark Ave, up through the neighborhoods, through the City College campus, onto our street, back to our dogs, who go crazy when they see us, (they watched us leave with bags, very concerned) as this was our longest time being away from them since the stay at home order went into effect.

3 hours and 52 minutes, 12 miles, and unmeasurable Treasured Time Together! And there are still so many more hours left in the day…