LBC By Ruck 002: Ferris Bueller House

There’s nothing better than a good long walk to air out and work through ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Add a little weight to the equation, via a 30lb ruck plate in one’s rucksack, and you’ve got a pretty decent workout as well. Today’s walk to the “Ferris Bueller House” in the Los Cerritos/Virginia Country Club neighborhood of Long Beach, California, is 8.85 miles round trip, and I’m blessed to be joined once again by my daughter Lucy.

As we walk along, our conversation moves from the idea of being one’s own hero to the importance of self-respect over pleasing others to the creative process as a process, not a fixed thing. How trusting it is crucial, even when it’s difficult, and that it’s essential to keep going because if you keep going, you’ll eventually get somewhere. We talk about what Day-To-Day Integrity means; we quote Ayn Rand, Joseph Campbell, Robert Hunter, and Billy Joel.

As we ramble through the Los Cerritos neighborhood, I point out some of the other properties I’ve ridden my bike out here to see recently. The “Ferris Bueller House,” is not on my list of architecturally interesting properties for my #LongBeachByBike blog, but still, the Colonial-style residence, featured in the 1986 film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, makes an excellent landmark destination, and it’s a movie we have enjoyed many times.

We snap a few pics, and then start heading back. After 2 Hours and 58 Minutes of walking, we are back in our neighborhood, better for the time spent and the miles put down. Exercise for the mind, body, and soul.