LBC By Ruck 005: Cliff May Ranchos

A new ritual in my life is that on Sundays, I go screenless: no apps, no TV, no laptop. The phone is a communication device and camera only. I load my rucksack with a 30lb ruck plate and hit the pavement for some Suburban Hiking.

My daughter Lucy has joined me on my previous four outings, and this past Sunday was no different. Father and Daughter, carrying some weight, putting down miles, talking, smiling, taking in the Spring together.

For this most recent Sunday hike, our destination was the Cliff May Ranchos neighborhood here in Long Beach, California. Although for years, my wife Ann and daughter Emily have expressed their love for the area, I had never been to it before. I knew there were impressive midcentury Rancho Style homes there, but I had no idea just how Inspiring the neighborhood truly was until I set foot in it. Lucy and I were mesmerized. More so than any other area in Long Beach, I felt entirely at home here, welcomed, energized.

As we weaved up and down the streets, everyone we came across was smiling and greeted us with a hello, a nod, or a wave. Lucy said, “If you have an orange door, and a charcoal-colored house, you’re probably an interesting, happy person.” That spirit seemed contagious, from home to home, and from person to person, we came across; the very personification of the California Dream.

I see the world with the eyes of a tourist, everywhere I go I look for and see the beauty, even in my town. And I can always picture myself living wherever I happen to be in the world, but I have never felt such a profound calling to live somewhere as I did while meandering amongst the Long Beach Ranchos. This neighborhood felt like a place I could call home, where I see myself living someday. Well, anyway, it was a sweet dream to bask in for a while walking with Lucy.

After a 5.5 mile ruck, Ann picked us up, we got take-out from our favorite Long Beach restaurant, Sea Birds, headed home, ate dinner, and hung out with our dogs. Another solid Sunday in the books.