LBC By Ruck 007: Bluff Park

The day started with coffee and avocado toast while watching baby birds being fed in their nest, tucked under the awning covering our back patio. The miracle of life brings immediacy to one’s own life. Every day should start with such a viewing.

The smell of jasmine infused the sunlit neighborhoods, as Lucy and I walked along, cutting across Long Beach, towards Bluff Park, the Long Beach Pier, and the Pacific Ocean. The joy of the journey stimulated our consciousness. Every day should have such a feeling of adventure.

The sound of the tide on the shore, the touch of the ocean breeze on our faces, and being amongst other people enjoying the day’s loveliness was euphoric. The shared reverence of the moment created a fellowship. Every day should unfold with such a sense of church.

After rucking seven miles, Ann picked us up at the pier, and we went to the Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve in Huntington Beach for a few more miles of hiking. From there, it was take-out dinner from Mitasie in Huntington Beach and a sunset walk with the dogs through our neighborhood. Every day should be so full and shared with loved ones.