Lost Ban This Footage (1989)

At the very end of 1988 (or very early in 1989) I connected with Stacy Peralta, Robert Kittila and Frankie Hill in Santa Barbara, CA to film for what would eventually become the Bones Brigade Video Six: Ban This. I drove up to Santa Barbara with my girlfriend Ann (now my wife of 23 years) and I reluctantly put myself in front of Peralta’s 16mm Film Camera. I say reluctantly because I knew I was planning on leaving the team to help form World Industries w/ Steve Rocco, Rodney Mullen and Jesse Martinez. That decision was reinforced by some of the antics Stacy wanted Frankie and I to perform on camera. I didn’t want to be there and I didn’t want to play along. The frustration of that session was compounded a week or two later when I showed up at the ASR Trade Show in Long Beach, CA wearing a Ramones T-Shirt when I was told explicitly that I was to wear my Army Green Bones Brigade Shirt (as featured in this footage). Stacy pulled me aside and began to chastise me for wearing the Ramones shirt. I told him plainly, “No one tells me what to wear.” Later that night I quit the team, making this footage the very last footage of me riding for Powell Peralta. Needless to say, this footage was never used in Ban This. Although a few of these clips have previously surfaced, this is the first time I am sharing a full-length edit of all of the footage. Enjoy!

— Mike V