Mike Vallely: Los Angeles (1994)

In 1994 my skate career was coming to an end. I moved back to New Jersey to start the rest of my life. I had a young family and I wasn’t sure what came next but I just couldn’t escape the nagging feeling that I still had a lot of meaningful skateboarding left to do. And so, while trying to figure out what came next, I turned to the only source of therapy that I knew, the only place that I had to work out my feelings, to make sense of what I was going through — My Skating. And in doing so my skating became re-inspired. This would be ground zero for the rest of my career. I was working and skating for Powell Skateboards and we began working on a new video that would become Suburban Diners. At one point I traveled to Los Angeles to connect with and film with Jason Lee for a day. He shot me in Black & White on Super 8 Film. We used most of that footage in the final edit of the video but here it is for the first time as it’s own complete piece. Edited by Mark Nisbet.

— Mike V