Nashville Demo (2003)

In January of 2003, I was pretty certain that I was making my final rounds as an active, touring, professional skateboarder. My body was in disrepair, I was worn out. Just a year before I had launched Vallely Skateboards w/ Giant Distribution and I was ready to step back, heal up and build a brand and a team. I knew I still had some heavy lifting to do on my board in order to properly launch the brand but I was looking forward to the next chapter of my life. A few months later in May of 2003, I would do a “Farewell Tour” of Australia believing that I was truly ready to hang it up. Little did I know that just a month later in mid-June of 2003, Vallely Skateboards would be folded by the bean counters and I would be scrambling for a sponsor and on the hook for 11 more years of the whip cracking at my heels.

This footage (16mm Film and video) is from a demo at Sixth Avenue Skatepark in Nashville, TN. I believe this was the first demo ever hosted there and I was honored to kick things off. I was determined to give these, what I thought would be, last demos of my career everything I had. I approached them as if each demo was the very last I’d ever do and nothing was to be held back at all. The skaters in Nashville turned out in numbers that night and the support was strong. It meant a lot to me. Still does.

— Mike V