New Music from Mike Vallely and Matt Baxter

The Morning Trail | Sooner or Later (Lyric Video)

The first single from The Morning Trail (new Musical Project I am doing with Matt Baxter) “Sooner or Later” is now available on streaming & purchase sites. Additionally, if you’d like to purchase the track and support the Artists (us) directly, you can buy the song on our Bandcamp Page.

Please enjoy this video and, if inclined, share the track and video with your Friends and followers. Any help in getting this Music out there is Greatly Appreciated! A Full-Length Album is in the works. Stay Tuned!

— Mike Vallely

“Sooner or Later”
Written and Performed by The Morning Trail
Mike Vallely – Vocals
Matt Baxter – Music, Vocals

Recorded and Mixed by Janoah Stolo
Additional Digital Editing by Ryan Gillmor
Mastered by Paul Miner
Artwork and Design by Greg Higgins
Video by Matt Baxter