No Sleep ‘Til Edison Tour (Home Videos) 1990

In 1990 my relationship with World Industries and the skateboard industry in general was on the rocks. I no longer respected Rocco and his decisions, I didn’t like my teammates, I had fallen out of favor with the magazines and industry types and I was greatly considering walking away from the whole thing.

I thought a great way to exit the scene was to do one last tour, but on my terms, with riders I chose and at a pace that kept me engaged and challenged.

The No Sleep ‘Til Edison Tour represented me taking control over my circumstances and my career by doing my own tour… Not going through the company and not relying on sponsors. I invited new pro Ed Templeton into the van with Felix, Dune, and my girlfriend Ann, and I and off we went…

Far from a complete document, these videos were shot sporadically (mostly by Ann) at some of the demos and other various stops along the way.

I thought this would be my last tour as a pro, but in a way it turned out to be the beginning of the rest of my career.

— Mike V