North Brunswick, NJ (1987)

In the Spring of 1987, my skating began to blossom. I dropped out of school, turned pro and began my further education on the road as a touring professional skateboarder. In-between tours I spent a lot of time in California skating with Natas and Gonz. It was then that I began to close the gap between my potential, my enthusiasm and my passion for skateboarding with my actual abilities. All that time on my board, out on the road and in the streets with the very best of the best was a trial by fire and it began to pay real dividends. I’d learned how to make that skateboard sing and I had the gumption to sing my very own songs. Somewhere in there I found myself on a slab of asphalt, in North Brunswick, New Jersey with a few jump ramps, slider rails and a wall. Someone pointed a video camera at me and captured a spirited “demo” for my friends, family and fellow Jerseyan skaters. The business of skating hadn’t begun to dampen my dreams just yet… It was the last summer of innocence.

— Mike V