Skatefulness Podcast

This week on Skatefulness we chat with MIKE VALLELY! Sometimes in life you get to meet the people you looked up to and/or admired as a kid. For Dan and Dave, Mike was, and is still, one of those people. Not only a childhood favorite skater for both Dan and Dave, (if you don’t know already) Mike is co-creater of Street Plant Skateboards along side his daughter, Emily. What they have created with Street Plant is something unique. Every board hand signed with “love” and every order, a hand written note. We chat about Street Plant itself, The Battalion, The Stoke Brigade, the different art/artists and graphics over the years, Garageland, and much more! We could write about it all here. But, I suggest you just go on and listen! Thank you all so much for the support! Its been truly amazing to see this thing grow.Were Skateful for you,Dan and Dave